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Ulak (The Messenger) English Subtitle

03 مايو 2019 الجمعة, 11:49
Ulak (The Messenger) English Subtitle

In a place where there is no time, a traveler comes to an unnamed village where we do not know where on the map. A tired traveler is a messenger. They have stories to tell, words to say … Most children love their stories. These magical and eerie stories, written with a perfect imagination, are transformed into legendary epics in Ulak Zekeriya’s language. You know, kids don’t like big ones, or vice versa. The village people can not carry the secrets of Zekeriya, a mysterious fog collapses over the village …
Cagan Irmak, one of the most remarkable directors of the last period cinema, has managed to stand out of the usual style of the director’s usual style, and to shake off his other friends as a unique work.

Director: Çağan Irmak
Starring: Hümeyra, Çetin Tekindor, Yetkin Dikinciler
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Country: Turkey